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Admin Prayer Current - Monday, February 13, 2012

"So that nothing will hinder your prayers"
1 Peter 3:7

A simple illustration helps illustrate how prayer draws a husband and wife closer.

Think of God as at the top of triangle.  The wife is at the left corner.  The husband is at the right.  It is simple geometry.  As each one moves up their side the outside points get closer.  As husband and wife individually move closer to God they automatically get closer to each other.   Prayer is like an ascending gondola bringing each partner nearer to God’s heart and nearer to each other.

In every marriage, communication goes astray through misunderstanding and simple sin.  There is static when receptor frequencies are not lined up.  This results in conflict. Other times signals get completely crossed as if the woman is FM and the man is AM.  This ends up in dead silence. As the apostle says, at this point “prayers are hindered.”  In fact life is hindered.

It happens a couple cannot speak to or hear each other.  However, they can speak to God.  When a husband and wife enter into prayer they get on the same frequency.  God brokers the communication and gives a Pentecost of understanding.  Hearing sincere and open prayer, God speaks a unifying word to each partner.  He calms troubled hearts. He corrects one sided viewpoints. He points out selfishness and encourages sympathy for the other.  He drenches each soul with forgiveness.

This Pentecostal  effect multiplies when a couple prays together.  Ask anyone married for long.  The richest times in marriage are marked by praying together.  The deeper and richer the prayer. the deeper and richer the intimacy. 

The shortest distance between two people is God.  This distance is navigated in prayer.    


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