As a leader, we know:

  • You desire to love Jesus more deeply. You’re hungry for more joy and power in seeing the advance of Christ’s message and mission in the world.

  • You take great joy in seeing Jesus’ kingdom come – believers growing in the gospel, seekers coming to know Jesus, and cultural renewal in your city.

  • You long to see movements of prayer and revival pour out in our day in our cities and nations.

We also know the struggle is real:

  • You feel isolated, exhausted from the weight of spiritual leadership.

  • You are tired of going through the motions of doing church programs that don’t translate into actual discipleship, fruitful evangelism, and life transformation.

  • You feel alone in your vision to mobilize prayer. You’re unsure how to disciple your people to mature beyond stress-relief prayer to powerful intercession.

  • You feel the complex challenge of making disciples for today’s world, who can discern the times and engage the Good News in a world of rapid change, division, distraction, consumerism, and media influence.

We know the struggle because we live in those places too. It doesn’t matter how far or long you go in ministry, the spiritual battle is real, exhilarating, and demanding.

And this is why we are gathering mission leaders like you from around the world, as co-laborers in Christ to pray, to be refreshed, to build lifelong connections, and to equip each other by prayer for faithful and fruitful ministry.

“They lifted their voices together to God…” ~Acts 4:24



  • Church Planters

  • Pastors

  • Network Leaders

  • Movement Leaders

  • Urban Ministers

  • Missionaries

  • Prayer Leaders

  • Campus Ministers

  • Church Ministry Leaders (Elders, Deacons, Small Group Leaders, Ministry Coordinators, etc.)

This is for you if you are a ministry practitioner who desires to (re)build spiritual resilience and God-dependence in your ministry on a foundation of kingdom prayer as you follow Jesus boldly in the calling He has for you.

This is for you if you are tired of doing “business as usual” and you desire to lead your ministry by building prayer systemically into your organization.

“Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.” ~Psalm 127:1

 Prayer for the City training is the most intensive, practical and gospel-centered training for developing a life of prayer and a church of prayer that I have ever seen.
— Tom Wood, President, Church Multiplication Ministries, Atlanta

World Street Experience is a 4-day interactive prayer training bootcamp workshop that will equip you with vision and practical skills and tools to empower you to lead your people and organization to follow Jesus through prayer, so that you can bear the fruit of making multiplying disciples, grow your ministry, and reach your world – all for God’s glory.


Refresh your prayer relationship with God and prayer conversations with your team. Make room for God to breathe new life and kingdom expanding vision into your prayers.


Connect with like-minded mission leaders from around the world in life changing conversations and prayer experiences. Unite in powerful prayer in one spirit for our cities, nations, and world.

seed sower prayer group.png

Renew your focus and urgency on the mission. Hit the streets with prayer walking. Collaborate with peers who get the challenge of catalyzing prayer and discipleship amidst complex urban realities.

systemic prayer.png

Gain practical prayer leadership skills, coaching and feedback. Learn a prayer pedagogy that engages people in heart transformation. Leave with a plan and resources of how you’ll bring kingdom prayer into every area of your organization.

Discover how the Prayer Current approach has helped ministries like yours become rooted in prayer.


World Street Experience is designed to create deep connections with God, with one another, and with the world – through prayer.

More than a conference, we are a 4-day prayer gathering connecting a community of global mission and movement leaders with a deep passion and call to lead on our knees by prayer.

These key ingredients make up a rich and transformative sessions:


PRAYER PRACTICE: We won’t exhaust you with a firehose of information. We design experiential learning so that half our time is spent in creative prayer engagement, and interactive, immediate application. As we practice prayer God transforms our head knowledge into heart experience.

Prayer training vancouver - prayer walk.JPG

KINGDOM & URBAN FOCUS: We’ll train and practice Biblical kingdom prayers powerful enough to engage our rapidly changing and challenging urban landscape. We’ll prayer walk the center of the city at street level. We’ll intercede for the heart of our cities and nations.

IMG_3872 india small grou pray.JPG

ACTIVE CO-PARTICIPATION: We won’t overload you with talking heads, where you’re passively consuming information as spectators. Contribute your experience in small group interaction and peer coaching with leaders who are building the kingdom of Jesus in the trenches just like you.


TRAIN THE TRAINER: Just as we need to learn preaching skills to deliver a good sermon, discipling people in prayer requires an engaging pedagogy and facilitation skills that go beyond lectures. Complete a mini prayer practicum, with coaching. Learn to use proven resources to disciple your people in strategic kingdom prayer.


Prayer is our secret weapon — prayer is the pedagogy we practice, it’s not just the subject we talk about. Prayer is where we encounter Jesus, where he aligns our hearts, directs our path, and empowers our steps. Prayer is how impossible doors are opened and spiritual advance replaces decline.

mark circle.jpg

Prayer Current training is powerful, missional and life changing. Want to connect your church to prayer and God’s mission to reach cities? This training is uniquely designed to do this. I recommend it for leaders on mission in cities!

~Mark Reynolds, VP Leadership Programs, Redeemer City to City, New York

connan circle.jpg

Prayer Current training deepens and widens people in biblical, kingdom prayer. And it does far more: Community develops as groups share and pray together; Repentance begins as heart idolatries are exposed; Individuals initiate ministry; Expectant prayer leads to evangelistic boldness; An exciting vision for church on mission is born as God’s spirit of prayer comes. This training is transforming our church.

~Connan Kublik, Church Planter, Grace Network Canada Director


I found out this is really a prayer seminar; for each and every thing we started to pray. I could feel the presence of God stirring us to pray more. My heart is filled with joy. In my whole seminary they didn’t teach us this.

~Arun, Pastor in Bangalor rural district, Nelamangala, India


Vancouver is a diverse city characterized by incredible beauty and affluence on one hand, yet great poverty, spiritual need, and desperate social problems on the other.

A city of cultural and ethnic diversity, Vancouver boasts environmental and lifestyle sustainability. Vancouverites chase after “the good life” and worship wellness. They enjoy the abundance of mountains, oceans and parks. Film and tourism are prime industries.

Despite the city’s beauty and priority on wellness, people struggle with loneliness and mental health, including depression, dependency disorders, and addictions. Human and drug trafficking are prevalent.

Vancouver is the ideal backdrop for our prayer training, to sharpen our spiritual senses as we hear her story, experience her beauty, and learn to pray for Christ to meet her in her brokenness.

You may find out more about all that there is to explore from the Tourism Vancouver website.

Holiday Inn & Suites Vancouver Downtown

As part of your registration, you will have access to an extremely attractive hotel room rate for downtown Vancouver (first come, first served). We have secured this rate for both shoulder weekends (before and after the conference), should you want to extend your stay. You may read more in our Frequently Asked Questions below.


What Will It Cost You to Keep Pursuing a Prayerless Way of Doing Ministry?

  • Exhaustion and overwhelm in maintaining the ministry out of hard work and human effort will rob your people of power, joy, and freedom.

  • Anemic, self-focused, survival prayer won’t take your people far in the spiritual battle. Leaders weak and untrained in kingdom prayer lead to little lasting fruit.

  • Prayer meetings attended sparsely by a handful of aging prayer warriors will soon become extinct.

  • Believers in your care remain spiritually immature, frozen in fear, missing out on the bold joy of following Jesus into the harvest field.

  • Seekers remain wandering and lost, not knowing a single believer who can witness to, love, and pray for them to get to know Jesus.

What You Will Gain

We have helped hundreds of leaders and dozens of ministries re-orient and build a foundation of prayer, weaving prayer throughout the entire fabric of the organization.

When your ministry is truly a house of prayer, imagine what you can see God do:

  • Believers experience joy and power, maturing into missionaries

  • Seekers come to know Jesus

  • Homes become ministry centres

  • Neighborhoods turn into parishes

  • Churches transform into the crossroads of kingdom renewal

  • Bold spiritual advance in the city eclipses retreating out of fear

But you have to choose to prioritize prayer. Building a foundation of prayer won’t just happen on its own.

It requires the power of the Spirit, concerted intentional effort, Biblical tools, and prayer leadership skills.

There is no cruise control for prayer. Lasting spiritual advance cannot happen apart from prayer.

So, are you ready to answer the call?

“Even those I will bring to My holy mountain
And make them joyful in My house of prayer.
Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be acceptable on My altar;
For My house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples.” ~Isaiah 56:7


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