Are you tired of:

  • Feeling exhausted from making things happen — relying on giftedness, professionalism, and hard work — instead of resting on God’s spirit?

  • Feeling the drag of stress-relief survival prayer — instead of powerful intercession and spiritual advance of Christ’s message and mission?

  • Fleeting moments of prayer, no one showing up for prayer meetings — instead of prayer movements?

Prayer Current offers dynamic prayer training experiences and transferable training resources to help leaders engage people to rise above self-focused survival prayers — to awaken to the adventure of contagious prayer of knowing Jesus and following him into the harvest field.

It’s time to wake up.

  • There is a deep desire among people for prayer.

  • Believers want to engage with Jesus and participate in his mission, not just be spectators on the sidelines.

  • Seekers are thirsty for spiritual experience and are open to prayer.

It’s time to put aside our small prayers that seek to tame God and join Jesus in the adventure of his ever-coming kingdom.


Forged in the furnace of urban church planting for over 20 years, Prayer Current’s training approach provides biblical vision and teaching, along with practical tools and hands on experiences to grow people and cities through Christ-centered, prayer.

Our resources help you to grow a culture of missional prayer, systemically discipling your leaders and believers in kingdom-expanding prayer, resulting in new people coming to know Jesus through prayer.

Designed for corporate or personal use, our training resources are ideal for life and ministry in the city for:

  • Church Planters & Network Leaders

  • Pastors & Church Ministry Leaders (Elders, Deacons, Small Group Leaders)

  • Urban ministries & Missionaries & Campus ministers

Our heart is to help you disciple people in prayer to know Jesus

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Mobilize a culture of prayer by training your leaders to bring prayer dynamically and systemically to every area of your church or organization.

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Train believers to grow beyond inward self-focused prayers — to rich biblical patterns of prayer that expand Christ’s mission and message.

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Train believers to tangibly care for and engage seekers by inviting them into a prayer conversation with Jesus, to experience him personally and directly in prayer.